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Ramblings of a computer programmer, musician and martial artist.


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2013-03-06 A Case for Taiso 0 None
2013-03-05 Welcome to the ITPG blog. 0 4

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2015-04-12 Client Side Javascript Session Timeout. 0 None
2015-03-29 Getting around the silliness that is DateDiff in TSql 0 None
2013-03-27 Simple timing class for .net 0 None


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My name is Scott Kelley.  I am a software engineer in the Atlanta area.  I am also into martial arts and music.  I have been practicing karate since 1984 and aikido since 1991.  This blog is my ramblings on life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness.  Anything I say here should be verified by outside sources.  Always consider this informatoin ignorant until proven guilty.

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